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The Adriatic Seabed is usually sandy, infact the seabed that surrounds the Conero headland is an exception to the rule and of important biological significance. This “Rocky Oasis” is a habitat for a large number of organisms common to hard substratum. We hope that during our dives with us you will be able to witness the splendour that this oasis offers. There are numerous dive spots , along the Riviera due to the fact that there are a lot of shallows.

The most famous of these are the Due Sorelle. Near to these is the shipwreck of the merchant vessel “Potho”, the long rocks of the Trave, the Secca die Bianconi, North of the Trave, the Secca del Ospedale near to the Vela Rocks and the shipwreck of a second merchant vessel “ Nicole” 2 miles from the Port of Numana. The ship lies at a depth of 13/14 metres and is in perfect navigational order.

Dive schools

There are two Dive Centres in Numana that organise courses and excursions:


Manager: Marco Giuliano
Via Litoranea, 1- Numana
Per info: Tel. 335/6625339 -
There is a 10% discount on all courses and services for Agency clients


Via del Porto 22 - Numana (An) - Tel. 071.9330392
Per info: Tel. 388/7585327 – 071/9330392 -
Manager: Vladimiro Sisani
Snorkeling Experience 15€ including guide, transfer and Life Jacket- Snorkel, mask and flippers for rental or personal. There is a 10% discount on all courses and services for Agency clients.

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Immobiliare Arturo Neumann s.r.l.
Via delle Azalee 2 - 60026 Numana (AN)
+39 071 9330708

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