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Urbani beach in Sirolo

The famous beach

This is an enchanting beach, in the shape of a half moon, situated between a cave and a high rock face covered with thick Mediterranean undergrowth and protected by a semicircle of rocks. This famous corner of the coastline has been awarded with the blue flag for Cleanliness for the last 14 years. It has two beach bars.

Type of beachfine sand and pebbles.

Ideal for Those looking for a traditional beach surrounded by an amazing landscape, where the intense green of the undergrowth is a striking contrast to the deep blue of the sea.

How to get there by bus or by car; there is a road leading to the beach from the centre of Sirolo. The “ Lavi “before the Spiaggia Urbani are accessible through a small wooded area. Photo: route from Spiaggia Urbani to San Michele.

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