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A splendid, medieval town set between the green of the mountain and the blue of the sea. It is considered the "pearl" of the Adriatic: a prescious work of art in a breathtaking landscape.. Sirolo is an elegant town with a population of approx 3200 inhabitants. It is a sunny,windy village facing the sea on the Southern slopes of Mount Conero with the cultivated hills of vines, wheat, olive trees and lavender behind it. A holiday resort for Italians and foreigners it’s best known for its naturally beautiful surroundings, dense woodland of the Mount Conero and the wonderful Adriatic beaches.

For the last 14 years, (1994-2007), Sirolo has received the prestigious European Blue Flag Award thanks to the high quality of its facilities, clean sea, unspoilt Nature, and Conero regional Park. It is a natural departure point for excursions, on foot and by mountain bike, up to Mount Conero and down to the beaches including Urbani, San Michele and Sassi Neri beach. Sirolo is the ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for Nature at its best.

Here Nature reigns supreme and there are very few beach cabins. The centre of the town still preserves the urban plan of the ancient medieval castle with houses built in the typical, white Conero stone and narrow alleyways surrounded by the city walls. The central piazza is very well looked after and was stylishly restored at the end of the 1990s. It’s like a huge terrace balcony. It is at the lively heart of the town and is the stage for numerous events and shows. A daytime walk through the Piazza and along Corso Italia re-evokes the atmostphere of an ancient, lively village filled with tempting food and gift shops selling home made and locally produced products such as ceramics, paintings, clothes, jewelery and lots, lots more. In the evening the piazza transforms into an elegant lounge with its ice-cream parlours and open air, seafood restaurants. It is the “ place to go” on the Riviera…I highly reccommend it

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