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The Evergreen Park-Plantlife

The many plants that make up the Mediterranean undergrowth are protected and count for a third of the entire plantlife in the Marches. There are 1000 species and under species of plants in the park. Most of the mountain is covered with pines and Mediterranean maquis, including strawberry trees (the greek name for these trees is Kòmaros, the name Conero probably comes from this word) oaks, laurels, lentiscus, junipers and larches. The mountain slopes are home to woods of black hornbeam, pine, cypress and elm trees. Common oak is found in the drier areas whereas the more ventilated areas are home to maple and flowering ash. Descending towards the sea you come upon the evergreens that are typical of the Mediterranean Maquis , such as holm oaks, strawberry trees and laurels. The coastal cliffs are home to some of the most precious park vegetation including specimens such as the red juniper and spurge.

It is not rare to also find hawthorn, juniper, sanguine and dog roses. There are also many rare species of orchids, to the joy of photographers, that fill the summer air with their scent.
In 1930 vast pine forests were planted on the Western slopes the species used were allochthonous and included marine pines, cypresses and cedars.
Steadily these trees are being substituted by the larch, ash, oaks and black hornbeam planted by the Forestry Commission. Portonovo is the only place in the Marches where there are salt water lakes behind the dunes (Lago Grande and Lago Profondo). The surrounding vegetation is made up of marsh reeds, bog grass, rushes and water plants submerged in the pools.

Lebanon Cedar
Curry plant

Manna Ash
Marine pine
Black Horn Beam


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