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The wildlife

Lots of different habitats make up the Conero Park: coastline, woods, rivers, lakes, agricultural land, hills and beaches. It is this feature that accounts for the presence of 20 species of mammal, 8 species of amphibian and 13 species of reptile. Among the park mammal species there are dormice, foxes, ferrets, badgers, weasels hedgehogs and hares. Encounters with these animals are rare due to their nocturnal feeding habits. The hares, quails, badgers, and skunks, hide from their predators, ferrets, foxes and common owls in the Mediterranean undergrowth on the hills.
The members of the amphibian family include the rare yellow -bellied toad the emerald toad, the green frog, the warted geko and lots of different species of snake. In recent years 200 different species have been counted between permanent, winter and migratory birds. The headland is an important landmark on the flight path for migrating birds ( fishing falcons, eagles, storks etc.) that pass twice yearly on their route for North Africa and Northern Europe and for the Adriatic crossing to and from the Balkans.

The Park Authority has promoted the preservation and protection the preservation and protection. The peregrine has been chosen as the symbol of the Park. The Park woods and clearings are home to pheasants,hoopoes, jays, doves and wood pigeons.. There are also large colonies ofpale swifts and greater swifts. The Conero is their Northern most point for nesting along the Adriatic coast. The Portonovo lake pools are home to a small, rare, fresh water crustacean.

Emerald toad
Yellow-Bellied toad

Werted Geko

Wood Pigeon
Fishing Falcon
Common Owl

Common Swift
Fishing falcon
Common Owl

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