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The Conero Park

The Park is an environmental oasis that covers 6000 acres of protected land preserving natural treasures such as Portonovo bay, the "Due sorelle" beach, the Belvedere nord, Pian Grande, Pian dei Ragetti and lots more.

The Conero Regional Park covers the territories of Ancona (North of the Mount Conero), di Sirolo e Numana (South of Mount Conero).

The territory stretches from coastline from the coast at Mezzavalle as far as the mouth of the river Musone ( on the border of Numana and Porto Recanati), and covers a large area of inland hills

Along the coastline there are lots of caves,believed to have been dug into the rocks by the monks who used to inhabit them. It is possible to visit the caves. The most famous cave is at Mortarolo, just a few minutes walk from the mountain top monastery.

The Park is a paradise for sport and Nature lovers:

It can be visited on foot, by bike or on horseback along one of the eighteen Mountain pathways or through the green inland hills. Visitors will encounter some breathtaking sea and landscape views.

The Pianogrande Belvedere offers some beautiful views over Ancona and Portonovo. It is accessible from the monastery or from Poggio ( a small village on the Conero road for Ancona).

The visitors center offers free guided tours for our clients. See Discover the Conero

There are lots of horse-riding stables offering excursions on horseback together with some delicious culinary resting points. For golfers there is a 27 hole golf course on the lower slopes of Mount Conero.

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