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The Lady of the Conero Riviera

The photo shows Numana just above the port, with the residential area of Sirolo and Mount Conero in the background.

Numana is a busy holiday town that every year accommodates up to 50,000 visitors in its holiday accommodation.

It is situated to the South of the Conero Park and is divided into two areas, Upper Numana, the historical town centre, and Lower Numana,the area around the port and along the beach. These two areas are linked by a unique path of steps called the “ La Costarella”.


Upper Numana is the oldest part of the town with its colourful houses, narrow streets around the “ Torre” and palazzo vescovile ( today town hall) situated opposite the Piazza del Santuario. Lower Numana is more modern. Here you will find the tourist port capable of mooring 650 boats. It is also equipped to accommodate pleasure boats up to 20 metres in length. Lower Numana is the point where the beaches with their colourful beach cabins begin. From here they continue along the coast as far as the mouth of the river Musone, after Marcelli. This area of Numana was developed in the second half of the 60s. It is modern and has lots shops and facilities for holidaymakers. The town has also been expanded and developed beyond the hills to create some beautiful residential areas. The most famous of these is Taunus Village that offers comfortable accommodation surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside and the luxurious garden greenery.

The COAST- Bays, Inlets and beaches

Every year since the year 2000 Numana has received the precious Blue Flag award for the cleanliness and accessibility of its beaches. The formation of the coastline differs in two ways.

  • To the North of the Port the coast is dotted with of inlets and bays, infact it hides two wonderful beaches (La Spiaggiola and Gigli Beach).
  • To the south of the port the beaches are wide and finely pebbled as far as Marcelli-

A total of 20 Blue flags for cleanliness have been awarded, between Sirolo and Numana, for the clean sea waters that gradually increases in depth from the shoreline making it ideal for children to both paddle and swim. The beaches are not very crowded, there are usually only 4 or 5 rows of umbrellas, making Numana the ideal place for families looking for a relaxing, enjoyable seaside holiday.

We have chosen 2 beaches for our clients according to their position and to the facilities offered, ( a reserved place on the beach with 2 sun loungers, a beach umbrella and communal changing cabin are included in the price of the accommodation). La Spiaggiola and Spiaggia Stella Marina.

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