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Taunus Belvedere Village

The Village

The most prestigious residential area on the Conero Riviera was founded by my father Hans Walter Neumann at the beginning of the 1960s. It is famous because it was not built, as most houses were at the time, near to the sea but on the side of a hill facing the sea.

Infact Taunus offers a wonderful view from the hillside over a large stretch of the coastline and local countryside as far as the Appenines and the quaint villages perched high on the hilltops.

The first estate, called Residence Taunus, was once a prestigious hotel later transformed into apartments. The area has been expanded over the years and now includes: Residence Garofani, Residence I fiori and Residence Taunus 2

Taunus has accomodation with a maximum of two floors and includes the following: detached and semi-detached villas, apartments with gardens and first floor apartments both with porticos and barbecues. The elegant villas and apartments are built in the Mediterranean style ( white with red roofs), thanks to the distinguished style of Mr Guido Cavani and engineer from Bologna

Immobiliare Arturo Neumann s.r.l.

Su Immobiliare Arturo Neumann s.r.l. puoi trovare appartamenti in affitto e in vendita nella Riviera del Conero. Cerca subito una casa per le tue prossime vacanze!


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