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Immobiliare Arturo Neumann

The Riviera Conero Beaches
A unique and surprising coastline in comparison with flat and repetitive beaches that characterize the rest of the Adriatic coast.
Click on the place names to discover the Riviera:
Spiaggia di Mezzavalle Spiaggia di Portonovo Spiaggia la Vela Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle Sassi Neri San Michele Spiaggia Urbani La Spiaggiola Numana Bassa e MarcelliMarcelli
Dense, Mediterranean undergrowth with steep, white cliffs surround a clear, blue sea that has received the blue flag award for cleanliness no less than 18 times.
The Conero Riviera is characterized by 2 types of coastline divided according to comfort and Nature.
The area of coast to the South of Ancona has white, untouched beaches (Mezzavalle beach, Vela beach,Due sorelle beach, Sassi Neri beach and San Michele beach).
There are lots of small and large bays the most famous of which is Portonovo.
The Riviera continues with the splendid beaches of Sirolo and Numana ( Urbani Beach and La Spiaggiola).).
Then from lower Numana to Marcelli the rugged beaches become more � comfortable�, more suited to families or to visitors who want to enjoy the sea without too much effort.Here the fine, pebble beach slopes gradually into an uncommonly clean sea, also awarded with 5 blue flags for cleanliness. The beach is here is equipped with colorful beach bars that offer numerous facilities and lots of enjoyment without being overcrowded.
The Conero Riviera extends from Passetto, a famous beach in Ancona, as far as the mouth of the River Musone that marks the provincial border that is made up of three riverside towns Ancona, Sirolo and Numana.

La Vela Portonovo
Sud Ancona
Le due Sorelle
Sassi Neri
San Michele
Sirolo - Ancona
Spiaggia Urbani
La Spiaggiola
Numana Bassa
Marcelli Lido

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Numana Bassa e Marcelli La Spiaggiola Spiaggia Urbani San Michele Sassi Neri Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle Spiaggia la Vela Spiaggia di Portonovo Spiaggia di Mezzavalle