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Immobiliare Arturo Neumann


Excursions by sea to the Bay of the “ Due Sorelle and the Bay of Portonovo.
There are thankfully very few hotels, restaurants and villas in this ancient fishing port. Portonovo is an authentic holiday paradise with wonderful views of untouched Nature.

The Conero paths
Free, exclusive guided tours along the Conero walking paths.
There are eighteen rambling routes that run through the park giving visitors the chance to admire the typical and sometimes rare, mediterranean plantilife including pines, oaks, gorse, fields of lavender, tufted violets and wild fennel.

The Abbadia di Fiastra Nature Reserve.
The abbey is situated in the middle of the Abbadia di Fiastra Nature Reserve. It was founded in the 12th Century by Cistercian monks coming from the main abbey in Chiaravalle di Milano and three centuries that followed developed both religiously and economically.
The Reserve territory not only covers the area surrounding the Abbey di Chiaravalle di Fiastra complex but also includes a vast area dedicated to agriculture and over 100 hectares dedicated to woods and forests, testimony to the once vast forests that covered the hills in this region.

The Frasassi Caves
The caves are part of an intricate hypogean system that extends for approximatly 18 kms in the Gola della Rossi and Frasassi Regional Park. It is a green oasis rich in art, history and culture. The spectacular caves were discovered in 1971 and later opened to the public in 1974 and to this day have received over 10 million visitors.

Recanati lives in the cult of an outstanding poet, Giacomo Leopardi, with the memory of a more intimate relationship with the amazing tenor Beniamino Gigli. Infact Recanati is so full of Leopardian memories that a quick tour would by no means do it justice. It is a town that needs to be calmly appreciated as read in the verses of that famous poet.

Before visiting the city it is advisable to read a few pages of Leopardi, for example, "A Silvia", "L'infinito", or 'Il passero solitario". Recanati was extremely important during the Middle Ages and in the centuries that followed.

The township evolved during 12th Century due the need to defend the inhabitants from the osimans.

Fredrick II granted the city the right to build a Port ( currently Porto Recanati). Therefore the town was constantly subjected to conflicts between the Guelfi and the Ghibellini. When, in 1952, the episcopal seat was united with Loreto, the centre fell into rapid decline.

Urbino (Unesco Heritage Site)
Urbino is by far the most famous city in the Marches region. One of the most famous Italian artists of all time, Raffaello Sanzio, was born there and it was inhabited by one of the most refined and complete civilisations of the Renaissance.
In the 15th Century, under the rule of Fredrick II of Montefeltro, Urbino became a cultural pole of the western civilisation. The historical centre of the town still bears witness to that ancient, architectural and environmental splendour.
Places to visit include the Cathedral, destroyed and rebuilt in neoclassical style during the 18th and the 19th centuries; the Ducale Palace, a masterpiece of renaissance art and home to the regional National Art Gallery: the Church of St.Domenico ( 14th Century); The Palazzo dell�Universita� where the Montefeltro family lived: the 15th Century house of Raffaello.

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